Dog squeaking glider

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Dog's love to chase and pounce on their toys, and with the squeaking glider your dog can have the best of both worlds from the comfort of inside your home! The dog squeaking glider is the perfect indoor dog toy for any size or breed, it's vibrant colors and unique pattern urges your pup to use instinctual urges to chase, jump on and grab this wacky toy! What makes this toy unique from others is it's design which allows for it to be slid across rooms without the need of a human throwing or tossing it! The toy also is interactive and makes noises when jumped on that mimic other toys your pup might like.

Key features

  • Unique design that allows to be slid across open surfaces (may be difficult on rug or carpeted floors)
  • Suitable for any age or breed 
  • Made from durable material that won't fall apart, even for the roughest of pups!
  • Squeaking sound mimics natural prey for your dog and stimulates your dogs instinctual urges!