Universal Car Phone Holder

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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the world, with most of them being attributed to the driver being on their cellphone. With the universal car phone holder you can greatly reduce the risk of distracted driving and can keep both hands on the steering wheel while your phone is right in front of you! Perfect for drivers who are constantly needing to check directions, make calls or change music without having to fumble with your phone in your hands! Simple and easy to use with nonslip adjustable claws that keep your phone sturdy and in place. It's compact and innovative design allows for you to attach your phone holder almost anywhere you please without the concern of it taking up much space!

  • Secure and slip resistant- for even the roughest of rides 
  • Compact design allows for it to be placed in a multitude of different places in your car
  • Greatly reduces the risk of distracted driving 
  • Perfect for drivers who are always on the go!