Hide a beer Silicone Beverage Sleeve

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Sometimes it's just nice to drink a brewski in public without all of the judgement from children, parents, and the priest giving his sermon. If only there were a way to disguise your beer as if it were just an innocent soda can. Well, that's just what the HIDE A BEER SILICONE BEVERAGE SLEEVE does. Sure, you could probably just make one yourself, but who has the time to do so.

  • COMPATIBLE: One size fits most. the beer beverage bottle set cans fits nearly all standard 12 fl oz (350ml) beverage cans except skinny can brands such as COORS LIGHT AND MICHELOB ULTRA.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: The Beer can cover is great for the outdoors events, party, Golf course, the Park, parties, sporting events, games, beach, walk the dog, The pool, spring break, camping, go fishing, swimming, have picnic, play football, play basketball, College, night Club, prank toy, Halloween, Christmas festival.
  • *PLEASE NOTE*: This is an aftermarket product.This product is not intended to deceive the law. Drink responsibly.