Easy Drying Umbrella

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This umbrella has an inverted design to keep it from dripping all over your floor. Also makes it easier to open and store your umbrella when you are opening a door. Its double layer canopy is spread over a sturdy frame. Has an easy button that closes from the outside in, trapping the water so your car seat, luggage or floor doesn’t get soaked. The high-quality materials and sturdy build make the Easy Dry Umbrella more wind resistant than many of its rivals. The C-shaped handle makes it easy to hold the umbrella without using your hands. 

COLORFUL UMBRELLA: This vivid umbrella comes in excess of 10 colors, including: Red, Pink, Blue, Royal Blue, Rose, Black, Yellow, Orange, Lily, Daisy Pink, Daisy Red, Sky Clouds, and so on. Its an astounding vivid umbrella. 

NEWEST INVERTED DESIGN: When you get out/into your car during a stormy day, this inverted umbrella will effortlessly open from an slightly opened car door, ensuring you do not get wet. When close the umbrella, its wet shelter is inside, so it won't wet your vehicle seat. 

 ERGONOMIC C-SHAPED HANDLE: Cross the C-formed handle over your arm to make your hands free for enabling you to use your cell phone or care your bag in the downpour. 

 WINDPROOF and WEATHER RESISTANCE: What separate us from the challenge is that this is the best windproof umbrella that withstand wind speeds in abundance 60 miles for each hour. Our upscale umbrella is lightweight, compact, convenient and dries fast.