Small Pet Banana Bed

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The banana cat bed is ideal for cats, rabbits, or small dogs, and other pets give your furry friend a heavenly sleeping space to call her own. Lovely pet bed works well in a bedroom, living room, office, or any other comfortable living space. The whole house is so soft and comfortable, not easy to lose the hair, not the ball, and not fade. Your pet like it so much and have a good sleep.  The bad has a door. The tail of the nest has velcro design, which can be stuck to the head of banana skin to keep the door open so that the pet can come in and out.

•    There is a Velcro at the end of the banana to keep the door open for easy access.

•    Creative design, stylish, and modern for today's home.

•    When it gets cold, your pet can slip in between the cozy, warm pocket hammock for warmth and comfort.