Adjustable pet car seat buckle

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Make road trips with your furry friend less of a hassle with the adjustable pet car seat buckle. As we're sure you know, most pets love to roam around the car when driving which can be a major distraction for the driver and can be seriously dangerous for you. With this adjustable strap you can leave the concern at home by ensuring your pet is safely strapped in and ready for your next adventure! With an adjustable strap, a car seat buckle on one end and a D-ring on the other this buckle straps easily into the car and right onto your pets harness giving him enough room to lounge around or look out the window and enjoy the fresh air. 

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable strap and clip that allows for easy installation and simple removal when you arrive at your destination.
  • Provides ample space for your pet to enjoy the backseat while not having to worry about him jumping into the front while driving.
  • Works on most seatbelt buckles and attaches directly to your pets harness. 
  • Allows your pet ample room to lounge around in the backseat without the concern of him moving around while driving. 
  • Recommended for use in the back seat.