Dog brusher

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Fall is coming at us hard, and with that comes shedding. Lots and lots of shedding. But we found the perfect solution to that messy problem, the dog brusher is a portable device that helps eliminate the concern of hair buildup on your favorite furry friend. This affordable, high quality brush was designed with your pal in mind, made with 51, thats right 51 rubberized bristles that glide through your dogs fur to remove excess hair and prevent buildup around your home! This device is perfect for any dog lover looking to reduce those pesky hairs that are constantly falling off your pup!

  • The perfect solution to dogs that shed around the house.
  • Does not cut or remove healthy fur 
  • Retractable bristles self clean when put away!
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design allows for a firm grip while cleaning your pal
  • Can be used during bath time as well!
  • Easy ejection of hair with one movement!