Dual Foot Massager

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Acupressure started out as an ancient Chinese belief that disease disrupted the flow of energy or Qi in the body. By poking and massaging certain points in the body, acupressure stimulates the nerves and releases endorphins or Qi so that you feel less pain and more happiness.There are two ways to use this product: acupressure or trigger point therapy.

 The Dual Foot Massage Roller uses small wooden knobs to massage and apply trigger point therapy to relax muscles along the arch of the feet. By rolling along the muscles, tension is released from the massaging effect, and blood flow increases in the tight area. To use acupressure, simply press your feet against the knobs and release. Acupressure stimulates your nerves, relieving stress and releasing endorphins. Either treatment method you use with the Dual Foot Massage Roller will help relieve your foot pain.

  • Relieves pain from food fatigue with trigger point therapy, kneading out sore muscles
  • Increases blood flow to tight muscles through myofascial release
  • Releases tension and relaxes muscles by driving out waste from muscle fibers
  • Applies acupressure, stimulating nerves, releasing endorphins, and relieving stress