Fresh food storage tray

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We know how wasteful it is to use plastic wrap and aluminum foil to keep all of your food safe and fresh in your house, but with this Fresh food storage tray you can keep all those delicious treats stored without feeling like something always has to go to waste! It's as simple as putting your food onto the tray and snapping that silicone lid down for an airtight seal. These trays are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their fridge organized and maximize the space you have! 

  • Made from dishwasher safe silicone and ABS plastic 
  • Stretch surface can conform to any shape you need while also maintaining its original shape when done using
  • Reduces plastic waste in your household 
  • Easy to use snap on mechanism for quick and secure storage 

Size dimensions:

11.8" length 

9" width 

1" height