Home Air Purifier

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Keeping a clean house can be harder than you'd expect, especially with other people around coming in and out all day, but what can be even more difficult to maintain is a good air quality in your house. Thousands of Microparticles are constantly circulating in your air on a daily basis, with some of them being unhealthy to breathe into your lungs. With a Home Air Purifier you can breathe a little easier knowing that this device is working to remove pollutants from your air, keeping it nice and clean for you to breathe. In this case, this purifier Ionizes the air in the room it is in by electrically charging air molecules. Air ionizers use ions to remove particulates, odors and microbes from the air! 

Product Features:

  • Oxygen deodorant, environmental protection, clean, no secondary pollution. Applying the principles of natural lightning discharges: This product uses air as raw material, high-frequency high-voltage discharge rapid manufacturing ozone. 

  • Ozone working time freely set 10-30 minutes for large and small spaces.

  • The cycle time is set to work freely 1-12 hours, for a variety of different environments.

  • Easy to use, can be configured to automatically work for a long time.

  • Switch automatically cycle, without manual operation and low power consumption 3.8W.

  • LED time indicator, clear and intuitive.

  • User-friendly design, intelligent control, in line with modern machine science.

  • Can be directly hung on the wall to save space