Mini Essential oil diffuser

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It's become a well known fact that aromatherapy is helping households across the world maintain a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. The mini essential diffuser is a great starting point for anyone working towards living a happier, healthier lifestyle. This diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to circulate essential oils throughout your household, office space or any other work environment quietly and effectively. 

The facts

  • Multifunction diffuser with built in changing light 
  • Works best in rooms 90-120 square feet.
  • Compact design is perfect to be taken on the go
  • Works with all types of essential oils found online or in stores 

  • Cleaning directions: When finished using make sure to empty any excess water and clean inside with a wet cloth. Only put 1-3 drops of your essential oils into the machine at a time or you can risk clogging the ultrasonic vibration component.