Multifunctional Mens Beard Straightener

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The perfect solution to any mans personal care collection! Simplifies straightening out messy facial hair in seconds with this multifunctional beard straightener. Made from lightweight material that provides an even heat distribution so you don't have to worry about hotspots! 

  • Fast acting heating elements heat up in only 15 seconds 
  • Helps reduce frizzing and tangling in facial hair 
  • Easy to use, all you need to do is comb your beard!
  • Made with a lightweight and comfortable handle that reduces stress on your hand 

About This Item


- Volumize hair, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair.

- No hair damage: Even heat avoids any "hot spot" to overburn your hair.

- Safe to use: The comb acts as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent hair from overburning.

- Easy to use: Just comb to fix your messy hair.

- Quick heating: Preheat within 15 seconds.

- Reduce frizzing & detangling.

- Long-lasting: Amazing effect maintained throughout the day.

- Lightweight & ergonomic handle:Comfortable to grip without feeling tired easily.



Material: ABS+ ZHeating Sheet

Optimum Temperature: 120 Degree

Size: 26*8.5*5.5cm

Package Included: 1 x Quick Hair Styler

Plug Type: US Plug



1. Plug styling brush in and turn the power on.

2. Preheat for ~15 seconds and install the comb.

3. Make sure to move in consistent motions or risk burning skin 

4.After you are finished unplug from outlet and let cool off for 10 minutes before putting in a safe place. 


Precautions of using:

1. Don't leave comb plugged in after finished using 

2. Avoid water while using product

3. Make sure no foreign objects come in contact with brush besides facial hair