Petpack- Portable pet drinking and food bowl

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Smart Reusable pet Water Bottle With Optimal Food Container

For a long walk or a short travel, be sure to always have some fresh water and food for your beloved thirsty pup!


Segmented Design

The drinking cup fits easily over the water section that contains up to a full cup (8 oz or 250 ml) of water. An optional section can be added that also contains a cup (about 100 gr or 4 oz) of dry dog food.


Smart Waterway System

Control the right quantity of water to be poured in the drinking cup with a simple push of a button. No twist cap, no wet hands, no waste.


No Spill Lock Button

Safely store your reusable dog water bottle in a bag or a travel case, thanks to the lock button that prevents any accidental water leakage.

Food Safe

BPA free and built with materials in accordance with human grades.


Eco Friendly

Single use plastic water bottles are killing our planet, go reusable!


Highly Resistant

ABS polymer is impact and scratch resistant, ready for any adventures.