Mini Handheld Heat sealer

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On average almost 200 pounds of food is wasted each year per person, how insane is that, and it's not because the food is bad, but because there was no way to close or store those single use bags that so many of our food products are stored in nowadays. But a viable solution to that problem is here, with this portable heat sealing device you can close those bags right back up again and save it for later! Made of high quality ABS plastic and a ceramic head that is resistant to high temperatures this device is perfect to keep around the house for whenever you need to reseal a bag quickly and easily!

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Easy to use, just press down and pull across the top of the bag!
  • Safe and convenient to use 
  • Keeps food products fresher and lasting longer!

Required items- AA batteries (not included)