Portoscooper - The portable pet scooper!

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Pet waste bags still carry health risks. Dog waste is a common carrier of 11 different diseases, including Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacteriosis, Giardiasis, as well as parasitic diseases caused by whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, heartworms, and tapeworms. This is much more dangerous and likely than contracting a disease from our toilet usage.

Using waste bags reduces 87% of contact with the dog waste but it's not enough! The best way to keep yourself healthy is to avoid direct contact. Our scooper is designed to keep yourself clean without giving up on your duty as a dog parent. 


Being a dog parent is a lot of fun, cleaning after your dog is not. In fact, it's the most uncomfortable part of the rideNow you can clean up quickly and safely with Pupper Scooper without even touching that hot bit! Best part? Kids will love doing it too.

Have you ever gone for a walk with your little friend and there were no garbage cans nearby to throw away that hot, stinky bit? Now you can accomplish your duty as a dog parent without having to carry that business with your hands all the way home!

Comfortably pick up the waste from multiple surfaces with the new Pupper Scooper ergonomic and easy to use design to deeply enjoy the whole trip with your little friend.

BUILT-IN DISPENSER: You don't even need to carry a dispenser, Pupper Scooper comes with a smart built-in dispenser! You got what you need to be a smart dog parent!
COMFORTABLE: Provides a reliable grip to prevent anything from spilling.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Easily carry it in your hand or connect it to your pet's leash.
HANDY: No doubt, picking up your friend's business easily and without having to grab it, is useful.
PORTABLE: Its size allows you to take it anywhere. Perfect for hiking with your friend.
EXPANDABLE: Expand the front face of Pupper Scooper to scoop it all!
FUN: It's a safe and fun way to do the dirty work. Kids will love it.

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What size should I get for my dog?

We recommend a medium-sized scooper for dogs that weigh less than 50 lbs(22kg), and a large scooper for dogs 50 lbs(22kg) and up. 

Can I use this with my own bags?

Yes, totally. However, we recommend using our biodegradable waste bags because they completely fit the built-in dispenser.

Will it work on loose poop?

We have tested it on slime and it's still effective however the surface may get stained just as picked it up by hand.