Ronican Tempered glass for Iphone

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Protect your iphone at all costs, right? No one want's to go to the apple store and pay $$$ for a replacement screen, so why not save a few dollars and put on a tempered glass screen protector instead! The Ronican Tempered glass for Iphone is the best solution for anybody with an iphone who want's to ensure that even if you drop your phone it will stay protected against the elements. Made with a patented 6 layer design these protective covers can withstand up to a whopping 23lbs of force before it cracks! Stop worrying about breaking your most important tool, and start using it to it's maximum potential!

  • Tempered glass protector alleviates the fear of dropping and cracking your front screen
  • Made with a 6 - element film covering to ensure maximum protection
  • Can withstand up to 23lbs of force before breakage 
  • Made for a variety of iphone devices
  • Comes in a 1,3,5 or 10 pack for your convenience!