Shark Wine Glass

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Lover of all things ocean? Fan of shark week? Or just want a wine glass that looks cooler than Karens? These unique wine glasses with sharks, starfishes or dolphins are the neatest trend today, and like any other wine glass they are simple to use! Fill it up with your favorite drink and go ahead and try it out today!


Package includes:a wine glass (1 piece)

  • Superb lead-free crystal for outstanding clarity upgrades a simple table to an upscale ambiance
  • Makes a perfect gift for someone special or for personal use.
  • SPOIL YOUR SENSES: Good wine should be poured to the ultimate glass. Season Story's glasses are all about bringing you the best drinking experience - swirling the wine around, sniffing the aroma, and relishing each sip.
    The  products use the high-grade silicon high-temperature green glass, which is processed by high temperature at 1800 °C, which can make your needs more beautiful, more comfortable, more assured, and will add more to your life. Rich and happy.

    • Superb lead free crystal for outstanding clarity, upgrades a simple table to an upscale ambience
    • Makes a perfect gift for someone special or for personal use.

    SPOIL YOUR SENSES:Pour the red wine into the shark red wine glass, let the wine spin with the sharks, smell the aroma and taste each bite.

  • THAT EXTRA TOUCH: At The End of a long day when you're already in pajamas and all you need is to relax, or when you’re hosting friends for a party and all you're missing is that extra touch - our stylish wine (vino) glasses always add more fun.
  • AMAZING AND UNIQUE PRESENT- Give your loved ones the thoughtful gift of more joyful moments in their day to day life. Especially great for Super Moms and hard-working women! Also, great for a fancy party and celebration like Easter, Purim, Passover, Good Friday, Thanksgiving and more!
  • SAFE, SOLID & WELL-PACKED: Dishwasher Safe & Lead-free crystal blending elegance and sturdiness. Well Packed with obsessive attention, so they'll arrive in the Best Condition. >>> So they can enhance your favorite red wine’s complex flavors and aromas - Zinfandel, Merlot, Rosé, Bordeaux, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sherry and many more...

We are always providing consumers with the highest quality products and the most cost-effective pricing. The unique design of this red wine glass is that there is a unique shark in the cup, showing the difference with other red wine glasses. The Shark Wine Cup is beautifully crafted and can be used with any tabletop decoration.