Snow Ball Shooter

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Care for an old fashioned game of snowball fighting, but with a twist? This snowball gun is the ideal (and most fun) alternative to a conventional snowball fight! Simple and easy to use- just pack the snowballs into the gun and fire away! Don't settle for less, enjoy the fun!

1. Get the upper hand in an old-fashioned snowball fight with our snowball gun.
2. Comfortable and stabilizing ergonomic wrist support handle.
3. Simply pack snow into balls, load them into the launcher, aim, and pull back the lever to watch them soar.
4. The snowball shooter gun can shoot snowballs up to 80 feet, making you the deadliest snowballer on the hill. 

No one else stands a chance.

★Novelty 2-in-1 Design - Unique combination of snowball maker and launcher for long-distance battles, adding more fun to your winter outdoor game fights; Free bonus 1/3 snowball(s) for indoor fun

★Safe Material - Made of durable, environmentally friendly plastic, our snowball blaster is safe and non-toxic

★Far Shooting Range -  can launch snowballs up to 39 feet(8-12m) for serious snowball fights

★Ergonomic handle - The snowball gun handle is designed with a small grain pattern to increase the texture and comfort to avoid slippage

★Easy to Use - 1. Creating snowball with the snowball press on top; 2. Place the snowball on the launcher base; 3. Pull the mechanism hard; 4. Aim and blast the target. Having great fun together with your kids this winter! NOTE: For Age 8+