Spiral Screw Slicer

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 If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, preparing delicious and natural fries or snacks, then you're familiar with the frustrating task of wasting time peeling and slicing your veggies or fruits. Now, we offer the perfect solution.  Making all kinds of curly fries and spiraled zucchini, healthy cucumber salads has never been easier. This user-friendly fruits and veggies cutter requires no effort and comes with practical handle design, ideal for sure perfect spirals in a matter of seconds.

•    Ideal for use with firm vegetables and fruits.

•     Easily create decorative garnish, festive party food, tornado skewers, fun curly fries,  compact for easy storage easy to use, and clean. 

•     Decorative spiral-sliced garnishes to entice the appetite for awe-inspired food presentation.