Toddler fall protector

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Having a toddler running around the house can be an absolutely amazing time in your life, but it can be extremely hectic too. This period of development is crucial to your child and preventing them from any harm is paramount to keeping your kid happy and safe. With preventative measures such as our toddler fall protector you can feel a little more confident knowing your loved ones head, neck and back are safe from slips and falls. Made from a comfortable polyester/cotton blend the toddler fall protector comes in a variety of colors and shapes that we are sure they'll absolutely adore. 

  • Made for children ages 10 months and up+
  • Impact absorbent technology helps protect your childs head, neck and back from slips and falls. 
  • Cute designs and color combinations that suite any child's preference 
  • Made from a comfortable polyester/cotton blend that is machine washable and soft to the touch 

Stop worrying about playtime and start enjoying it!